California Common Cause Statement Regarding Constitutional Amendments Proposed In United States Senate

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June 18, 2013

Phillip Ung

(916) 520-4070

California Common Cause statement regarding Constitutional Amendments proposed in United States Senate

National action follows several high profile victories in California

SACRAMENTO – Today, United States Senators Tom Udall of New Mexico and Jon Tester of Montana introduced a pair of complementary constitutional amendments to repeal Citizens United v. FEC and establish that corporations are not persons deserving special privilege under the law.

Statement from California Common Cause executive director Kathay Feng:

“We applaud Senators Udall and Tester for hearing the voices and concerns of millions of Americans who have come out in force against the Citizens United decision. California boasts the largest national victories in our effort to curtail out of control money in politics.”

“Grassroots support for a constitutional amendment can be seen through voter approved ballot measures in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Richmond, all approved with over a 70 percent voter support. Additionally, close to a dozen California jurisdictions, including the State Legislature, have passed resolutions calling for an amendment. Congress should stop stalling and start acting on these important proposals.”