Americans For Responsible Leadership Disclosure Battle Sets Disclosure Precedent

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November 5, 2012

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Americans for Responsible Leadership Disclosure Battle Sets Disclosure Precedent

Single largest political money laundering scheme in California history

Sacramento, CA – Today, Americans for Responsible Leadership disclosed the donor behind their $11 million donation to a California political action committee after two weeks of obfuscation and delay. This disclosure follows an unprecedented legal battle that included the Fair Political Practices Commission, Attorney General’s Office and a unanimous decision by the California Supreme Court. Disclosure included one donor, Americans for Job Security, a conservative 501c(6) who funneled money through the Center to Protect Patient Rights and earmarked it for the No on Proposition 30 and the Yes on Proposition 32 campaigns.

“The precedent set by this case is a victory for voters and democracy. In the post-Citizens United world, we face the threat of more secret money drowning out citizen voices,” said Kathay Feng, executive director for California Common Cause. “Though it shouldn’t take weeks of legal suits, California voters now have the information they need to make informed choices on November 6.”

“Voters now know that proponents of Proposition 32 and their out-of-state backers have admitted to money laundering,” said Derek Cressman, vice president of State Operations for Common Cause. “Californian’s should be disgusted by these tactics.”

“This is the single largest political money laundering scheme in California’s history and a clear sign that we need stronger disclosure laws that will prevent a prolonged court battle and allow Californians to get immediate disclosure. We look forward to working with the FPPC to pass laws requiring stronger and clearer disclosure,” said Phillip Ung, policy advocate for California Common Cause and signatory on original complaint against Americans for Responsible Leadership. “The FPPC has carved a path forward with this important precedent to require disclosure from these shadowy special interests.”

In October, California Common Cause, the League of Women Voters of California and the Fair Political Practices Commission announced a partnership to develop stronger and clearer disclosure laws to be introduced in the upcoming legislative session.

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