For the People: A Roadmap for Community-Centered Independent Redistricting in Los Angeles

As the City of Los Angeles moves to place the creation of an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) on the ballot for Angelenos to consider in 2024, it is imperative that new amendments to the City Charter create a Commission that is truly independent and worthy of the public’s trust.  

As one of the architects of California’s statewide Citizens Redistricting Commission and one of the leading advocates for independent redistricting in local communities, California Common Cause will continue to support the core precepts necessary for a truly independent and meaningful redistricting process. This is informed by our monitoring of over 60 local jurisdictions during the most recent redistricting process, as well as two decades of experience monitoring and working with the state’s Citizens Redistricting Commission. 

After carefully analyzing and reviewing the report produced by the Los Angeles City Council’s Chief Legislative Analyst’s Office, California Common Cause proposes key redistricting recommendations that seek to:

  • ensure a fully Independent Redistricting Commission,
  • ensure that the City Council reflects the growth of the City,
  • preserve a community-centered approach in map drawing,
  • emphasize transparency and inclusivity in the redistricting process,
  • and allow an independent Commission to undergo responsive evolution. 

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California’s 2020 Local Redistricting Cycle: Lessons Learned and Future Reforms

With the 2020 local redistricting cycle concluded, our report takes a step back to evaluate the effectiveness of the FAIR MAPS Act and related independent redistricting commission reforms in encouraging meaningful public participation and promoting the adoption of maps that better reflect and empower a jurisdiction’s diverse communities.

The report explores five key areas of the redistricting process — timing, transparency of the process, public participation in the process, line-drawing criteria, and the use of independent and advisory redistricting commissions — that significantly changed this cycle compared with prior cycles.

Serving as the report of record for the 2020 redistricting cycle, The Promise of Fair Maps proposes solutions to the biggest issues identified for creating an inclusive and participatory democracy through redistricting.

2023 Legislation

Sponsored by California Common Cause, AB 1248 prioritizes people and communities over sitting incumbents by requiring a politically independent redistricting process for local jurisdictions throughout the state.

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