The next generation of democracy activists

The next generation of democracy activists

Kasey and Heather, fellows at California Common Cause, have been working hard to plan California Common Cause’s 2016 Student Activist Training. Learn about how this training has shaped their lives, and why it’s so important that it continue:

California Common Cause has over 150 Student Activist Training alumni advocating all across California, and they need your support to continue to expand the Common Cause family!

Were Kasey and Heather, fellows at California Common Cause! Weve been working hard to plan California Common Causes 2016 Student Activist Training, which is designed to empower student activists and provide them with a deeper understanding of issues impacting our democracy. This weekend-long conference educates students on issues from money in politics to voting rights to government transparency, knowledge they ultimately take back to create change on their campuses and in their communities.

This conference opens the door for students to get involved in civic engagement and helps mold future leaders. Thats why we wanted to share how this training has shaped our lives, and why its so important that it continue:

Becoming a part of Common Cause and working behind the scenes on this training has been amazing. Learning about the organization and the work it does to reclaim our nations democracy has shown me the importance of opportunities like California Common Causes Student Activist Training. We cant build a government that is of, by, and for the people without ensuring that the next generation has the tools, skills, and resources to continue the fight. This training not only plants activist seeds within the students it selects, it spreads Common Cause values across California. As one of the first in my family to graduate from college, I wish I would have known about this training earlier in my undergraduate career. Working on this training has showed me that the success of our democracy reform movement comes from effective organizing, being able to plan a successful campaign, and knowing the root problems in our political system. California Common Cause covers all of these aspects in its Student Activist Training and empowers students to come together to tackle the most daunting problems facing our democracy. Kasey Ventura, recent California State University of Long Beach graduate

I got involved with California Common Cause through a club on my campus during my first year of college. I had very little experience with community organizing and political issues, but I was eager to learn more. This training provided exactly what I was looking for. Attending the Student Activist Training last year taught me how we can create a government that truly serves the public interest, and gave me a vast and varied set of skills that Ive drawn upon this year as a campus leader. Ive even given back by hosting a student activist training at UCLA this past winter to educate my peers. I was so moved by what I learned at the conference, and the feeling of seeing our hard work come to fruition, that I decided to serve as a membership fellow here at Common Cause to continue investing my energy into the development of student leaders. Now you can help to create the next generation of democracy reform activists like Kasey and I. Heather Vaughan, student at UCLA

Generous donations from members help make this training possible.

Will you invest in a student leader or sponsor a student to attend California Common Causes training? Even a couple of dollars can go a long way. Learn more and support their training here

You can also learn more about their work with students across the state here.