California Common Cause Applauds the State Senate for Passing Net Neutrality

California takes a big step to protect the Internet.

California Common Cause applauds the State Senate for doing its part yesterday to restore net neutrality in California by passing SB 822. We urge the U.S. House of Representatives to do the same and quickly take up and reinstate net neutrality nationally. Special thanks to author State Senator Wiener for his leadership on this important proposed legislation.

The internet belongs to everyone and is vital to a functioning democracy. It is crucial that California takes the next step to ensure that millions of people who rely on equal access to the internet do not lose these protections.

Net neutrality is critical to a 21st century democracy – it enables users to access the services they want without interference from their internet service provider. Without net neutrality, big internet and cable companies will have the ability to block or throttle internet traffic, or charge special fees for prioritized access. With so much control internet service providers can impose on the internet, it’s no surprise that Americans overwhelmingly support net neutrality rules.