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This week on Democracy Is, we finish our two-episode arc and are going to take a deep dive into how redistricting went here in California. How does this redistricting cycle compare to others? What are independent redistricting commissions and how did they impact California and its communities? We answered all these questions and more in this episode!

The first part of our episode featured an interview with Nicolas Heidorn on the FAIR MAPS Act. Here is a link to the FAIR MAPS Act .

The second part of our episode looked at redistricting in the Central Valley, specifically Kings County. Two of the maps mentioned were Map 101 and Map 120Map 120 was selected as the official map by the Kings County commission, here is the official announcement page: https://redistrictkings.com/selected-map/ 

The third part of our episode focused on the Pasadena community and their local redistricting experience. Our sources included the following article from the LA Times reported by Seema Mehta: https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-12-12/pasadena-rose-parade-redistricting-disenfranchise-voters-latinos

Finally, we had the opportunity to interview Anna Lisa Vargas and Ariana Marmolejo from Communities for a New California. For more information on their organization and their work, please visit: https://www.cncedfund.org 

If you’d like to learn more about California Common Cause’s local redistricting work throughout the entire state, you can find more information at https://www.commoncause.org/california/our-work/ensure-fair-districts-reflective-democracy/local-redistricting/

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