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Historic Anti-Gerrymandering Bills Head to Newsom’s Desk

AB 764 and AB 1248 will help end gerrymandering in California and bring independent redistricting to local communities

Nonpartisan Group Blasts Gov. Newsom’s Plan to Rewrite Constitution 

Today, California Common Cause, a leading democracy reform group, announced their opposition to Governor Newsom’s plan to call for an “Article V” constitutional convention. The bill, SJR 7, would add California to the list of states attempting to rewrite the U.S. Constitution without any rules or governing structure. 

NEW: Anti-Gerrymandering Advocates Release Roadmap for Independent L.A. Redistricting

As the City finalizes its independent redistricting recommendations, California Common Cause has released a roadmap of core principles to ensure that new amendments to the City Charter create a Commission that is truly independent and worthy of the public’s trust.

Democracy Leaders Release Comprehensive Evaluation of California Statewide Redistricting

The report assesses the outcomes and processes of the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission and offers recommendations for continued future success

Critical Anti-Gerrymandering Bills Pass State Assembly Floor

AB 764 and AB 1248 will help end gerrymandering in California and bring local redistricting into alignment with statewide and congressional redistricting standards

Money & Influence 05.25.2023

Court Upholds Constitutionality of New Anti-Corruption Law

California’s biggest special interests lose lawsuit to stop new California law that would bar pay-to-play in local governments

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