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Money & Influence 11.12.2018

The Health 202: The dialysis industry spent more than $100 million to beat a California ballot measure

Kati Phillips, spokeswoman for California Common Cause, which supports campaign finance reform, predicted the measure is not going away. “We will see this again,” she said.

Money & Influence 10.26.2018

Dialysis companies spend $111 million to kill ballot measure

When corporate profits are at stake, campaign spending often balloons, said Kati Phillips of California Common Cause, which advocates campaign finance reform. “Health care measures are expensive,” she said. “There’s a lot of money to be made off of sick people.”

Money & Influence 10.4.2018

Turn $100 into $700 to Promote Grassroots Campaigning in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Council on Friday should pass a package of reforms that would turn $100 donations from ordinary residents into $700 donations, if city council and citywide candidates meet certain requirements like participating in a public debate, said California Common Cause Executive Director Kathay Feng. 

Money & Influence 08.20.2018

Defeat Sacramento legislative leaders’ latest shenanigans

Rarely are power grabs as transparent as Assembly Bill 84. Introduced by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, D-San Mateo, the bill would allow legislative leaders to raise and spend much more campaign money than currently allowed. We urge the state Senate to vote it down.

Money & Influence 08.19.2018

Legislative leaders want to milk more campaign money

“AB 84 would be the biggest rollback of California’s campaign finance law in at least a decade,” Nicolas Heidorn of California Common Cause told the Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee before it voted to approve the measure last week.

Money & Influence 08.18.2018

An unseemly legislative power grab

The bill’s supporters are touting AB 84 as a transparency and accountability measure because it would require more frequent disclosures by campaign committees. While we would like to see more frequent campaign disclosures, we are not fooled. Transparency is nothing more than the sweet coating to disguise the bitter taste of a power grab.

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