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Common Cause New Mexico has made a difference. In the past three decades, we have been instrumental in the implementation of key state and municipal reform measures, including the Lobbyist Regulation Act, the Campaign Reporting Act and the Open Meetings Act, as well as legislation for online campaign finance reporting, contribution limits to candidates and political parties and the merit selection of judges. We also led the charge for voluntary public financing of campaigns for citywide races in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, campaigns for the NM Public Regulation Commission and statewide judicial races. In 2012, we passed resolution in both chambers to become the second state in the nation to oppose the Citizens United decision. And we continue to implement our highly successful election protection project created in 2008 called Count Every Vote New Mexico.

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Limit On Campaign Contributions

Limiting the amount and source of campaign contributions is one of the most common tactics for regulating money in politics. Just four states place no limits on contributions. Limits vary widely from state to state and from office to office within a state.In New Mexico we passed a law establishing contribution limits for a broad range of candidates and political committees that became effective on November 3, 2010. Learn More ›

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Fixing Public Campaign Finance

New Mexico has three public financing systems – citywide races in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and campaigns for the NM Public Regulation Commission and statewide judicial races. However, public financing laws are facing a challenge that arises from a 2011 US Supreme Court decision which held part of the law unconstitutional. We are working to fix our laws in light of this ruling. Learn More ›

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Putting Ethics Into Action

Putting Ethics into Action brought together staff and members of more than twenty advocacy, activist and policy organizations in New Mexico for a full day of conversations, panels and experiential workshops about institutionalizing representation, democratic decision-making, transparency and other hallmarks of ethical practice. Learn More ›

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