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New Mexicans Are Eager For Fair Representation

In America, no liberty is more fundamental than the right to freely choose our representatives through voting. But when elected officials manipulate our maps and create gerrymandered districts, our votes no longer matter. That’s why Common Cause New Mexico is working for fair, independent redistricting.

See how New Mexico did this past redistricting cycle in a new report by Common Cause and coalition partners.

Redistricting & Gerrymandering Campaigns...

End Prison Gerrymandering

New Mexicans deserve a representative democracy where all of us have an equal voice.

Create an Independent Redistricting Commission

New Mexican voters deserve competitive, fair elections where every vote counts and the outcomes reflect the will of the people.

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How Democracy Faired in the 2024 NM Legislature

CCNM saw victories, including funding for more legislative staff, more transparency of school board elections, and disclosure of AI-generated political ads

Fix the New Mexico Legislature

New Mexicans deserve a more reflective and responsive legislature with adequate resources to provide crucial constituent services.

Pass Ranked Choice Voting

New Mexican voters should have the opportunity to cast a meaningful vote in a fair election. Learn more about our work to pass Ranked Choice Voting for better elections!

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