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We're Protecting the Constitution, Courts, And Our Rights

Fair courts and an impartial judicial branch are essential to balance our democracy. Common Cause New Mexico is bringing together leaders and resources to educate the public and help them navigate the court system.​

Constitution, Courts & Other Democracy Issues Campaigns...

Modernize the NM Legislature

We deserve an effective, responsive and reflective state legislature with adequate resources to serve the people of New Mexico.

Article V

An Article V constitutional convention is a dangerous path that puts all of our cherished rights, civil liberties, and freedoms at risk.

Fair Courts

We believe that independent, fair, and impartial courts that reflect our state’s diversity are essential for democracy.

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Ensure Fair Maps

The once-a-decade redistricting process is now taking place. Learn how you can submit your comments and make your own maps to submit to the new Citizen Redistricting Committee.

End Prison Gerrymandering

Help create more equitable and accurate districts for our democracy by ending the practice of prison gerrymandering.

Pass Ranked Choice Voting

New Mexican voters should have the opportunity to cast a meaningful vote in a fair election. Learn more about our work to pass Ranked Choice Voting for better elections!

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