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We're Protecting The Right To Vote

New Mexicans deserve a democracy that values and holds sacred the freedom to vote. Generations of brave Americans have fought and died protecting this most fundamental right. At Common Cause New Mexico, we’re committed to defending voting rights, making the ballot box accessible for all eligible voters, and safeguarding our voting systems to guarantee accurate and fair elections.

Voting & Elections Campaigns...

Ranked Choice Voting

New Mexicans deserve fair elections that represent the will of the voters. RCV promotes positive, inclusive and fair elections, which encourages a diversity of candidates and saves money by eliminating the need for run-off elections.

Election Protection

No eligible New Mexican voter should face intimidation, misinformation or harassment at their polling place. We've expanded our program, mobilizing volunteers to answer questions and assist voters.

Voter Registration and Access to Voting

New Mexican voters deserve free and easy access to the ballot box. We're making it easier to register to vote and participate in our elections.

Voting Systems and Elections Security

We deserve to be confident that our election results are accurate and protected from sophisticated cyberattacks. We're committed to protecting our voting systems.

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Create a Modern Legislature

New Mexicans deserve a more reflective and responsive legislature with adequate resources to provide crucial constituent services.

Pass Ranked Choice Voting

New Mexican voters should have the opportunity to cast a meaningful vote in a fair election. Learn more about our work to pass Ranked Choice Voting for better elections!

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