We deserve a democracy in which each of us is represented and has a voice — and a government that works for all New Mexicans, not just the wealthy few.

It’s time to add much-needed balance to our democracy and enforce tougher rules to ensure politicians can’t be bought by the highest bidder.

Limiting the amount and source of campaign contributions is one of the most common tactics for regulating money in politics. These limits vary widely from state to state and from office to office within a state.

In New Mexico, we passed a law establishing contribution limits for a broad range of candidates and political committees. Persons (including individuals) are limited to contributing the amounts below, with the primary and general elections each having a separate limit.

The Campaign Reporting Act [1-19-25 to 1-19-3 NMSA 1978] contains provisions regarding contribution limits to and from candidates and political committees. Section 1-19-34-7(D), includes a provision regarding incremental increases in contribution limits after each general election. These incremental increases are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as measured by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Current campaign contribution limits per election cycle are:

From an individual
(person or entity)
From a PAC
To a Non-Statewide Candidate $2,500 $5,500
To a Statewide Candidate $5,500 $5,500
To a PAC $5,500 $5,500


The contribution limits do not apply to contributions from a candidate’s personal funds to the candidate’s campaign fund.

We’re committed to keeping these practical contribution limits in place to ensure the voice of everyday New Mexicans aren’t drowned out by unlimited money in our elections.


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