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We're Putting Everyday People Before Big Money

When lawmakers spend too much time fundraising and wooing big donors, they lose touch with the everyday people they are supposed to represent. Common Cause New Mexico works to ensure elected officials are responsive to the priorities of all their constituents, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

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Limit Contributions

The vast majority of us know money has too much influence in politics. That's why we're dedicated to protecting reasonable contribution limits.

Lobbyist Disclosure

When well-connected lobbyists wield too much power and influence, everyday New Mexicans are shut out of the process.

Campaign Public Financing

Small-dollar donor elections break down barriers to participation in our democracy, making government look more like the people it represents and work better for us all.

Disclosure and Transparency

Voters across the political spectrum support strong disclosure laws. New Mexicans deserve to know who is trying to influence our government with secret money.

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Your Common Cause NM team's priorities for the upcoming 60-day session, and a link to our most recent polling.

Create a Modern Legislature

New Mexicans deserve a more reflective and responsive legislature with adequate resources to provide crucial constituent services.

Pass Ranked Choice Voting

New Mexican voters should have the opportunity to cast a meaningful vote in a fair election. Learn more about our work to pass Ranked Choice Voting for better elections!

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