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Voting & Elections 01.26.2018

HJM 10 “Pass Fix It America” coming up tomorrow in House Judiciary Committee!

Common Cause New Mexico is supporting Fix It America and needs your help to advance it through committee.

Voting & Elections 01.25.2018

CCNM priority legislation HJM 10 makes national news and is now scheduled for its first hearing THIS FRIDAY!

Common Cause New Mexico supports the Fix It America Constitutional Amendment being heard this Friday

Voting & Elections 01.24.2018

Facebook Live Chat with CCNM Executive Director, Viki Harrison on January 24 at noon

TUNE IN to NM In Focus’ Facebook page for a LIVE CHAT at 12:00 (noon MST) for a conversation with our Executive Director about transparency in the 2018 New Mexico legislative session.

Money & Influence 01.18.2018

THANK YOU! Your Voice Made The Difference to WIN!

Advocates Show Strong Support in House Finance Committee for Public Election Fund

Money & Influence 01.17.2018

URGENT: We need public financing supporters to fill the room at tomorrow's hearing!

Common Cause New Mexico will be supporting the Secretary of State at a hearing tomorrow, urging lawmakers not to misappropriate public financing funding.

Voting & Elections 08.19.2017

NMGPA – Grading New Mexico's Legislators

Common Cause New Mexico releases our first-ever NMGPA report card to assess state legislators' performance

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