Only 11 days left! Time to make your voice heard!

Only 11 days left! Time to make your voice heard!

Common Cause New Mexico is working to pass Fix It America, a revolutionary solution to curb money in politics and end gerrymandering!

HJM 10 “Pass Fix It America” is up for a vote by the full House this week.

If you haven’t called your legislator yet to ask them to support HJM 10, NOW is the time!

New Mexico’s legislature has the opportunity to lead the nation in an innovative effort to curb the vast amounts of undisclosed money that is flooding our elections, and stop partisan gerrymandering by passing HJM10.  

Take Action Now: Please call or email your legislators and ask them to support HJM 10 TODAY!

Other legislation coming up this week:

SB 107, Post-Session Lobbying Report, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Steinborn, would require lobbyists file a report within a week of the conclusion of the session to the Secretary of State stating which legislation they, or their employers, lobbied for during the session.  This bill will be heard in the Senate Rules Committee at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, February 5th.

As always, thanks for checking in and lending your voice to help us build a healthier democracy!