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Money & Influence 05.5.2018

Bring Democracy Dollars to the Duke City

What if ABQ could take our elections out of the hands of big special interests and put them in the hands of the people? Everyday Albuquerqueans would be heard and have a real say in the government decisions affecting our lives. And people like us might even have a chance to run for office, and win!

Voting & Elections 02.14.2018

Big Win on a Tuesday Night

Common Cause New Mexico supports Fix It America, which is now heading back to the House for concurrence after passing the Senate!

Voting & Elections 02.12.2018

Just THREE days left in the 2018 New Mexico Legislative session

Common Cause priority legislation, HJM 10 “Pass Fix It America,” is on the agenda for the Senate Rules Committee on Monday, February 12th at 9:00 am

Voting & Elections 02.8.2018

Seven days left in the 2018 New Mexico Legislative session

Common Cause New Mexico celebrates the passage of HJM 10 Fix It America in the House.

Voting & Elections 02.7.2018

Interviews with CCNM’s Viki Harrison & Heather Ferguson on Legislative Agenda

Common Cause New Mexico continues to push democracy reforms as the session hits the midway point.

Voting & Elections 02.5.2018

Only 11 days left! Time to make your voice heard!

Common Cause New Mexico is working to pass Fix It America, a revolutionary solution to curb money in politics and end gerrymandering!

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