Bring Democracy Dollars to the Duke City

What if ABQ could take our elections out of the hands of big special interests and put them in the hands of the people? Everyday Albuquerqueans would be heard and have a real say in the government decisions affecting our lives. And people like us might even have a chance to run for office, and win!

We’re moving Albuquerque forward, reforming our public financing system to create a modern voucher program that will energize voters and enable more candidates to run.


Building on our current public elections program, every ABQ resident would receive $25.00 worth of “Democracy Dollars” in the mail and could donate that money to local candidates of their choice who qualify for a publicly financed campaign and who agree not to accept private contributions. 


  • The system would require no additional city funding and would enable working- and middle-class candidates to compete against wealthy or well-connected candidates. 
  • A wide range of Albuquerqueans without big pocketbooks would be given a new way of participating in campaigns and having our voices heard. 
  • Candidates could focus on the issues important to the communities they serve instead of dialing for dollars from big donors and special interests.
  • The Democracy Dollars system would enable a more diverse candidate pool the opportunity to compete in our elections and have a chance to serve in office.