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Voting & Elections 01.29.2021

The 2021 NM Legislative Session is Underway!

During the 2021 session, Common Cause New Mexico is advocating for expanding public financing of judicial races, adopting ranked choice voting, expanding voter access, redistricting reform, shining a light on campaign contributions and spending, and more transparency around lobbying activities.

Voting & Elections 11.24.2020

With your help, we did it!

Thank you to the voters, the poll workers, our members, our donors and our amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure a safe and secure election for all New Mexicans!

Voting & Elections 10.23.2020

What to expect at the polls?

Who might you encounter inside a polling location and what are their roles and restrictions.

Voting & Elections 10.2.2020


Common Cause New Mexico is teaming up with the ACLU of New Mexico to run a nonpartisan voter protection program this year to assist voters who encounter problems in voting, either by mail or in person. The organizations will operate teams on the ground to field questions and staff a hotline for voters to report problems.

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