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Voting & Elections 08.25.2020


1% Decrease in Native Voter Turnout Found amid Historic High Statewide

Voting & Elections 08.25.2020

Native Voter Survey and Report

Common Cause New Mexico released a report examining Native American voter participation in the 2020 Primary, as well as in elections of 2012 and 2016. The report was based on information from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office and an informal survey of Native American voters throughout New Mexico conducted in July and August 2020.

Voting & Elections 07.28.2020

Heather Ferguson discusses challenges of COVID-19 for democracy

Our Executive Director, Heather Ferguson, sat down with Lorene Mills to discuss the challenges COVID-19 is presenting for our democracy -- from voting by mail to the census and redistricting.

Voting & Elections 06.24.2020

COVID-19 Response: The Special Universe Of This Legislative Session

Amber Carrillo from Common Cause New Mexico reminds us why temporary changes to voting procedures are important for Indigenous communities during the pandemic, and the challenging decision by tribal administration to limit or cut polling locations during the primary.

Voting & Elections 06.24.2020

New Mexico Common Cause Director Speaks To League Of Women Voters On Primary Election Issues

Heather Ferguson, executive director for Common Cause New Mexico was the guest speaker at the League of Women Voters virtual Lunch with a Leader Jun. 16.

Voting & Elections 06.22.2020

Election Reform on its Way to the Governor’s Desk

SB4 is a step in the right direction to ensure voters can safely cast ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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