Common Cause Nebraska Calls for ‘Common Sense Photo ID Requirements’ Following Passage of Initiative 432

LINCOLN, NE — After Nebraska voters passed Initiative 432, a voter ID ballot measure, by a 66%-34% vote margin, Common Cause Nebraska is calling on the unicameral to implement sensible requirements. 

Initiative 432’s passage will trigger amending the state constitution to require a valid photo ID to vote. The initiative stipulated that the state legislature is now required to specify what qualifies for photo ID.

Despite Common Cause Nebraska’s concerns regarding the measure, the organization supports the results of the measure.

“Nebraska voters have made their voices heard, but because this initiative requires the state legislature to determine the exact voter ID rules, the next legislative session is just as important,” said Gavin Geis, Common Cause Nebraska’s executive director. 

“We are asking legislators to institute common sense photo ID requirements that won’t force Nebraskans to obtain new identification in order to vote. Additionally, we are asking Nebraskans to be a part of the process and to be prioritized over hyper-partisan laws.”

The next Nebraska legislative session will likely begin on Jan. 3, 2023.