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Money & Influence 07.28.2015

Is the Unicameral Listening to Voters or Lobbyists?

Common Cause Nebraska’s 2015 Lobby Report gives Nebraskans an opportunity to compare lobbying activity over a four-year period. By compiling and analyzing data reported by Legislators, Lobbyists, and principles, it’s clear that spending to influence state policy continues to increase.

Money & Influence 05.15.2015

“Getting Elected in Nebraska” Released by Common Cause

Common Cause Nebraska’s report, “Getting Elected in Nebraska,” documents how much money was spent in the 2014 election and what kind of impact that spending had on election results.

Ethics 05.14.2015

Common Cause Files Complaints on Activity Surrounding Niobium Bill

Common Cause Nebraska filed against former and current state legislators that failed to disclose their activity and interests surrounding a mining bill.

Ethics 05.14.2015

Niobium and the Nebraska Legislature

Common Cause Nebraska weighs in on the failure of current and former legislators to follow state disclosure laws.

Ethics 05.14.2015

Records Show Some Senators' Financial Reports Lack Specifics

Common Cause Nebraska weighs in as questions abound in conflicts of interest surrounding mining bill.

Money & Influence 03.19.2015

Push for more sunshine on campaign corruption clouding over

Bill that would allow Nebraska to account for campaign finances may not make it out of committee, despite the need for reform.

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