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Money & Influence 01.16.2015

Campaign cash schemes targeted — again

More than two years after former state Sen. Brenda Council found herself in the middle of a campaign cash scandal which eventually helped squeeze her out of office, at least one state lawmaker continues her seemingly uphill push to end any similar schemes.

Ethics 12.22.2014

Auditors knock University of Nebraska’s expensive world travelers

The University of Nebraska has been dinged by the state auditor for allowing employees to spend nearly $96,000 on 20 first-class flights around the world, book $300-a-night oceanfront resort rooms for a week and get reimbursed for alcohol while traveling, in violation of state law.

Ethics 10.20.2014

Former OPPD employee made more than $1 million in three years.

Jeff Reinhart, a former OPPD employee, took home over $1 million in three years, including moving, housing and tuition payments. All without any approval from the elected public power officials. Jack Gould of Common Cause Nebraska weighs in.

Money & Influence 09.16.2014

Ex-lawmaker’s crime and punishment spotlight campaign cash tricks

She wasn’t the first but maybe, just maybe, former State Sen. Brenda Council will be one of the last to use a loophole in the law to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash.

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