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Denver Voters Approve Citizen-Funded Election Program

Denver voters took a huge step forward in getting big money out of local elections by passing Referred Measure 2E.

Money & Influence 11.7.2018

Colorado Voters Protect Contribution Limits

Coloradans will not be able to donate significantly more money to some candidates running for state office.


Our Positions on the 2018 Ballot Initiatives

Your vote is your voice in determining the future of our state. It’s important that you research and vote on all the candidates and initiatives on your ballot.

Money & Influence 09.27.2018

Citizen Powered Elections on the Denver Ballot

Passing this initiative would be a big win for Denver – and an achievement for Colorado Common Cause, who helped draft the original ballot initiative language in 2016


Fighting a Challenge to Direct Democracy

Colorado Common Cause has filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiff in Semple et al v. Williams. This lawsuit challenges Amendment 71 – which significantly dilutes the power of Colorado voters to amend our state constitution.

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