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CPR News: Colorado Democrats Want To Make Voter Registration So Automatic, You May Not Realize You’ve Registered

The legislation would change how Coloradans opt out of being added to the voter rolls. Currently, eligible voters can decline to be enrolled when they encounter the question in person at the DMV or on the division's website. Under the new system, the state would send a postcard to electors who interact with the DMV or state Medicaid offices, asking if they’d rather not be a registered voter.

Colorado Independent: Polis says he’ll sign police transparency bill — to watchdogs’ relief

Advocates for government accountability were alarmed to learn Gov. Jared Polis was undecided on whether to veto a bill to expand police transparency in Colorado. But Polis spokeswoman Maria De Cambra set the record straight late Wednesday. “We’re not going to veto the bill,” she said. “It will be signed.” The signing is slated for 10:50 a.m. Friday at the Capitol, and it will be open to media, De Cambra said. The bill — HB-1119, sponsored by Democratic Denver Rep. James Coleman — would require Colorado law enforcement agencies to open the files on completed internal investigations into a wide range of police interactions with citizens, including alleged incidents of excessive force.

Colorado Independent: When Colorado cops police themselves, the public can be left in the dark

A Denver legislator's bill would make closed internal investigation files subject to open-records requests. The effort has an array of supporters, including the ACLU and Colorado Common Cause, the libertarian Independence Institute and media groups such as the Colorado Broadcasters Association, the Colorado Press Association and the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition.

Colorado Independent: Judge nixes citizenship question on Census

Patrick Potyondy, policy manager for Colorado Common Cause, outlined five key areas that Census data affects: how many seats each state receives in the House of Representatives, legislative and congressional redistricting, the allocation of federal funds to states, legislative decision-making, and civil rights enforcement. “Unless we have really good data, we can’t make good decisions,” he said.

Money & Influence 01.22.2019

Public News Service: Colorado Takes Steps to Limit Influence of Money in Politics

"Government should reflect the interests of the average Coloradans, not special interests, and that, of course, is the concern around the influence of money in politics and the effects that Citizens United had," said Amanda Gonzalez, Executive Director at Colorado Common Cause.

Voting & Elections 11.16.2018

Colorado Sun: Colorado Voting Issues 2018

The Colorado Sun highlights the work of Just Vote! Colorado, which assists thousands of voters in Colorado during the election.

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