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A Victory for Fair Maps in Colorado

The Colorado Accurate Residence For Redistricting Act is “a victory for fair maps in Colorado,” Patrick Potyondy, policy manager for Colorado Common Cause, a nonpartisan nonprofit focused on fair and accountable political representation that supported the legislation, wrote in an email. “Under this reform, no legislator or congressional representative of either party would benefit politically any longer because of the state prison in their district that bloats their local population,” he wrote. “The bill removes a perverse incentive for elected officials in the legislature or in Congress to want more people imprisoned in their districts… This will hopefully help reduce our level of mass incarceration.”


#ICount Census 2020

#Census2020 what is it all about? #ICount! Go online today to get counted at my2020census.gov


Filling Out The 2020 Census Means More Funding For Colorado

The 2020 Census is underway with mail notifications sent out to Colorado residents this week. Nonprofits working to encourage everyone to participate say that each person counted will lead to an additional $2,300 a year in funding for the state.

Voting & Elections 09.5.2019

Colorado Common Cause and League of Women Voters team up to oppose National Popular Vote repeal

"Candidates spend the majority of their time and resources in a handful of battleground states. And voters in the rest of the country feel like their vote doesn’t matter at all. The time has come to FIX the broken Electoral College. AND… there’s a solution, one that has already been adopted by Colorado’s Legislature, spreading like wildfire: National Popular Vote," Gonzalez added.

Utah And Colorado Efforts To End Gerrymandering Unfazed By Supreme Court Ruling

In Colorado, Amendments Y and Z established an independent redistricting commission free from political appointees. Amanda Gonzalez, executive director of Colorado Common Cause, a non-profit advocacy group that backed the ballot initiatives, said she was disappointed by the ruling.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold Announces Formation of Working Group on Lobbying

Denver, July 1, 2019 - Today, Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced the formation of the Working Group on Lobbying, an advisory body comprised of interested stakeholders to exchange views and make recommendations regarding upgrades to the electronic lobbyist filing system and lobbyist transparency regulations. The Lobbyist Transparency Act, passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2019, requires the Secretary of State to convene a Working Group on Lobbying.

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