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Trump disqualified from Colorado ballot, case heads to SCOTUS

Legal Filing/Litigation

Read our priorities for the 2022 Legislation Session which begins on January 12th!

Voting & Elections 10.26.2020

Ensuring Meaningful Ballot Access in Colorado's Jails


No one should be denied their right to vote—especially those who are incarcerated when they have never been convicted of a crime. County clerks are required to create and facilitate plans to coordinate with the county sheriff’s office so that eligible individuals are provided the opportunity to vote. This report has sought to determine how well this rule has been implemented with the goal of highlighting best practices and deficiencies in current practice.


Drilling and Dollars Part 2: Disproportionate Economic Relief from COVID-19

The pandemic devastated Colorado’s state and local budgets, slowed a growing economy, and forced many small businesses in Colorado to shutter permanently. But the oil and gas industry wielded its outsized power to exploit relief programs intended to help individuals and small businesses, despite their generally self-inflicted and predictable economic woes that began long before COVID-19.

Money & Influence 06.18.2020

Drilling and Dollars

Oil and gas development is not creating the plethora of jobs they claim to be; but there is one sector of the economy where the industry is a robust job creator: paid government influence.


Making Your Voice Heard at the Colorado Capitol: 2019 Update

The 2019 Colorado legislative session - when state bills are drafted, introduced, debated, and (sometimes) passed into law - began on January 4th. Read on to hear about how YOU can make your voice heard at the Colorado Capitol this year.

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