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Voting & Elections 01.22.2018

Support for Initiatives 95 and 96

Initiatives 95 and 96 will create independent citizen redistricting commissions empowered to draw legislative and congressional district lines to achieve fair and equal representation for all citizens of Colorado. Colorado Common Cause supports these measures because they are in line with our principles for redistricting reform and improve our current redistricting systems.


Opposition to Colorado Ballot Initiatives 67, 68, 69

Official statement on our opposition to Colorado Ballot Initiatives 67, 68 and 69.


#WINNING in Denver: Campaign Finance Updates

We secured a local victory this September when the Denver City Council approved updates to the city's campaign finance reporting laws--with a unanimous vote!


Advocating for Net Neutrality

On September 26, we joined partners in Washington, DC for the Net Neutrality Day of Advocacy. Our group of Coloradans spoke to our Congressional leaders about the negative impact that loosening net neutrality rules would have on small businesses, news consumers, and everyday Americans.


Introducing Aldridge Chibomba

Please join us in welcoming our 2017 Community Solutions Program Fellow, Aldridge Chibomba! Aldridge hails from Mongu, Zambia, where he works with the public to identify and report government corruption.

Media & Democracy 08.29.2017

New Media Hub Forms in Colorado

The Colorado Media Alliance is the newest in a series of small, independent media “hubs” that are forming around the country. These coalitions of media outlets, nonprofit organizations, and other groups are collaborating in new ways to shed light on underrepresented issues within their communities.

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