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We Heart Voting: Valentine’s Day at the Capitol

Colorado Common Cause loves our state’s voters, so it makes sense that we spent most of Valentine’s Day at the Capitol working to make voting safer and standing up against bad faith voting bills! On February 14th the House State, Civic, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee heard six bills related to elections and voting. We were there to support one and oppose three of these bills.  


Independent Ethics Commission Proposed Rules

The Independent Ethics Commission is the institution charged with providing guidance and enforcement of Colorado's ethics laws. Colorado Common Cause recently submitted this public comment on the Commission's proposed rules. We have strong concerns that the new rules will allow the Commission to operate with unprecedented secrecy outside of Colorado's Open Records Act and Open Meetings Law. We urge the Commission to promulgate new rules that more closely align with Colorado's open-government laws.


Tips For Analyzing Redistricting Maps


Data and Democracy: The Details Matter in Fair Redistricting

In Colorado and across the country, lawmakers and independent commissions are growing impatient at the delay in 2020 Census data and rushing forward using alternative data sources. Here's why this approach is so problematic.

Representing Our Diversity in Redistricting Matters More Than Ever

Whether we're concerned about federal, state, county or municipal districts, it's important that we all show up to represent our respective communities at the public redistricting hearings to be held across the state over the coming months.

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