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Voting & Elections 02.20.2015

“People who don’t have a photo ID must be really healthy”

Suppressing the vote for low-income Coloradans is the last thing we should be doing. We’re already seeing that almost half the number of people who are eligible to vote but don’t are low-income. This segment of our society, one might argue, needs the opportunity to vote the most.

Sunshine Law Refresher

At the start of the Colorado General Assembly session, there was an accusation that a member of the public was not permitted into a press briefing where elected officials were talking about public policy.


Top 5 Ways to Engage with the Colorado Legislative Session

The top five ways you can engage with the Colorado legislature this session.

Colorado Supreme Court Holding: A Triumph for Transparency

On Monday June 30 the Colorado Supreme Court decided Benefield v. Colorado Republican Party, affirming that members of the public who win access to public documents after going to court to do it are entitled to recover attorney's fees and costs under the Colorado Open Record Act (CORA).

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