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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Jonathan Henry
Fellow in the Census and Mass Incarceration Program Program
Jonathan Mehta Stein
Executive Director California Common Cause
Jonathan Walter
Media & Democracy Program Fellow Program
Julia Vaughn
Executive Director Common Cause Indiana
Karen Watson
Director of State Accounting Operations Finance & Accounting

Karen is responsible for processing payroll, invoices, and other accounting duties.

Kate Titus
Executive Director Common Cause Oregon
Kathay Feng
National Redistricting Director ProgramLeadership
Kathryn Harper
Development Communications Officer Senior Writer Development
Katie Scally
Communications Director Communications
Katya Ehresman
Voting Rights Program Manager
Keisha J. Dobie
Northeastern NC Organizer Common Cause North Carolina
Kelly Dufour
Elections Outreach and Planning Manager Common Cause Ohio
Keshia Morris Desir
Census & Mass Incarceration Project Manager Program
Khalif Ali
Executive Director Common Cause Pennsylvania
Laurel Brodzinsky
Legislative Director California Common Cause
Liz Iacobucci
Election Security Program Manager Communications
Luis F. Huerta-Silva
Central Valley Redistricting Organizer 
Maggie Mangan
Director of Talent Acquisition on the People, Equity, and Inclusion
Marilyn Carpinteyro
Vice President of Programs and Strategy OperationsLeadership
Mario O. Jimenez III
Executive Director
Mason Graham
Policy Director Common Cause New Mexico
Maya Chupkov
Media & Democracy Program Manager California Common Cause
Mia Lewis
Associate Director
Michael Copps
Special Advisor Program

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