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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Kate Titus
Executive Director Common Cause Oregon
Kathay Feng
National Redistricting Director ProgramLeadership
Keshia Morris Desir
Census & Mass Incarceration Project Manager Program
Kiyana Asemanfar
Program Manager California Common Cause
LaShanda Jackson
Vice President of Development DevelopmentLeadership
Liz Iacobucci
East Region Communications Strategist Communications
Marilyn Carpinteyro
Vice President of Programs and Strategy OperationsLeadership
Michael Copps
Special Advisor Program
Michael Spencer
College Outreach Program Manager Common Cause North Carolina
Natalia Philatova
Assistant Director Common Cause New York
Pam Wilmot
Vice President of State Operations LeadershipOperations

As Executive Director, Pam organizes and coordinates campaigns to build a better democracy in Massachusetts.

Paul S. Ryan
Vice President of Policy & Litigation ProgramLeadership
Rob Adams
Accounts Payable Manager Finance & Accounting
Rob Kerth
Data Systems Architect Digital
Sam Anderson
Development Operations Manager Development
Samuel Ogundare
Assistant Director Common Cause Rhode Island
Sandy Ma
Executive Director Common Cause Hawaii
Sarah Goff
Deputy Director Common Cause New York
Scott Blaine Swenson
Vice President for Communications CommunicationsLeadership
Stephen Spaulding
Senior Counsel for Public Policy and Government Affairs Senior Advisor to Common Cause’s President ProgramLeadership
Steven Francis
Database Manager Development
Susan Lerner
Susannah Goodman
Director of Election Security Operations
Suzanne Almeida
Interim Director of CCPA & Redistricting and Representation Counsel ProgramCommon Cause Pennsylvania

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