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Yes! I will sponsor an Election Protection Volunteer to protect voters this year!

Common Cause has received far, far more volunteer interest than we planned for — and I need your help to make the most of it. And while it’s nothing short of inspiring that so many ordinary Americans are willing to sacrifice their nights and weekends to defend our democracy — this has also put an immense strain on our staff and resources

We have just a few weeks left to train, equip, and place far more volunteers than even our highest estimates anticipated. It’ll be expensive and time-consuming — but absolutely necessary.

It costs us $50 to fully prepare one new volunteer for the field — and I’m asking you today if you’ll sponsor one or more volunteers today. Can you please make a tax-deductible contribution today?

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Common Cause Education Fund harnesses the power of philanthropy to create a truly representative democracy that answers to the people, not the powerful. Using research, public education, citizen engagement, policy development and litigation, we aim to make the promises of the Constitution real for every American.