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In America, elections are supposed to represent the will of the people, not politicians. We all want our voices to be heard in determining the future of our families and communities. We are fighting for a census in which every person is counted and a process for drawing district boundaries that puts our communities, and not the needs of politicians, first.

Gerrymandering & Representation Campaigns...


We rely on the U.S. Census so our government can fairly represent all people living within these United States -- and so government agencies can base their decisions on data and facts.

Reflective Democracy

We're building a democracy that works for everyone because it reflects who we are and how we live in the 21st Century.

Gerrymandering / Redistricting

Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to draw voting maps that benefit themselves. We need to change the rules and create a fair system so that voters are choosing the politicians, instead of politicians choosing their voters.

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End Gerrymandering Now

Voters should choose politicians, not the other way around. Together, we can return the power to draw districts to We The People.

Overturn Citizens United

Together, we can build a democracy where every voice is represented, not just a few wealthy special interests.

Hold Trump Accountable

We deserve the truth about foreign attacks on our elections -- and whether Donald Trump's campaign colluded with them.

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