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Common Cause Opportunities

Director of Program & Strategy - CA

This position will be working directly with the community, organizing and assisting with policy development specifically around redistricting and campaign finance reform in particular in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Organizer - Southern CA

The Southern California Organizer will require community organizing and policy work in the home-county of the staffer and a major goal will be to expand and increase member action and public support for campaign finance, media, redistricting, and electoral reform.

Organizer - Northern CO

Northern Colorado Organizer will be a passionate, strategic, self-reliant, and collaborative organizer to assist in our efforts to build a democracy grassroots movement.

Voting & Elections Program Director - Washington, DC

This position will be responsible for the management of the overall operations of the Voting & Elections Program, working with state and national staff to develop and implement strategic campaigns that advance priority legal, policy and issue agendas on all of our voter rights campaigns, as well as other policy goals within Common Cause.

East Region Communications Strategist

This position is responsible for coordinating communications strategies and support in east region states to assist their strategic communications and media needs.

Policy Manager - MD

This position is responsible for development and implementation of policy campaigns, research and communications, coalition management, outreach, and direct lobbying throughout the state of Maryland.