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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Voting & Elections 06.1.2023

Texas Tribune/VoteBeat: Harris County elections face state intervention under new laws

Katya Ehresman, voting rights program director with Common Cause Texas, said voters, county officials and election administrators should have been given the opportunity to testify about legislation set to directly impact them. Ehresman said that process was concerning and “against values of transparency and public input, which should be core parts of the legislative process.” “These bills do have a tangible effect on voter turnout, voter apathy, and on the ability for elections administrators to do their job free from threats and free from partisan pressures,” Ehresman said. “The discourse surrounding Texas election reform continues to be punitive and continues to be rooted in misinformation. And that will have a permanent damage on recruitment [of election workers] and election administration going forward.”

Voting & Elections 05.31.2023

Tallahassee Democrat (Op-Ed): Florida Legislature and Gov. DeSantis are trampling on our voting rights

If we want a democracy that works for everyone, we should be making it harder for money to influence politics, and easier for eligible Floridians to exercise their freedom to vote.  But that’s the opposite of what’s happening in Florida, with state lawmakers erecting a slew of unnecessary and confusing barriers for Floridians looking to participate in our democracy.

Money & Influence 05.31.2023

Columbus Dispatch: Secretary of State Frank LaRose uses election integrity group to aid US Senate ambitions

Voting & Elections 05.30.2023

States Newsroom/Wisconsin Examiner: GOP-led states plan new voter data systems to replace one they rejected. Good luck with that.

“We would have no problem with the state setting up something that followed federal law and somehow getting a bunch of other states to go along with it,” said Julia Vaughn, the executive director of Common Cause Indiana, which brought the lawsuit against the state. “But good luck doing that with one individual state with no real expertise in this, and no reputation as some entity that other states should trust their voter registration lists with.”

Money & Influence 05.26.2023

The Mercury News: Court upholds California’s anti-pay-to-play law barring votes benefiting campaign contributors

The law was backed by the good governance organization California Common Cause, which described it as “a common sense and long overdue pro-democracy reform” that already exists in other states and in certain California cities. Striking down the law would go against the “will of the people,” said Jonathan Mehta Stein, executive director of California Common Cause. “This law protects Californians from the pay-to-play corruption and the appearance of corruption that plagues our cities and counties, and helps to restore faith in our leaders and our government,” he said.

Voting & Elections 05.25.2023

Oregon Capital Chronicle (Op-Ed): Oregon legislative proposal would expand voter rolls

If we want Oregon elections to fully reflect the will of the people, then every eligible Oregonian who wants to participate should have easy access to register and vote. Registering to vote shouldn’t be a chore – for you, me, or anyone else.

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