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Money & Influence 02.8.2019

Mashable: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez masterfully exposed America's broken campaign finance system

“To take a kind of esoteric issue, and executive branch ethics and campaign finance reform, and to bring that to life for people, and then it becomes this viral moment was really incredible,” says Karen Hobert Flynn, president of the grassroots organization Common Cause, and one of the expert witnesses at the H.R. 1 hearing.

HuffPost: House Democrats Say Their Reform Bill Would Solve The Trump Administration’s Ethics Nightmare

“While every presidential administration in our history has had its ethical challenges, we’ve never seen so many corruption scandals and appalling lack of concern for the ethics rules that should govern our executive branch than with this administration,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, the president of the nonpartisan reform group Common Cause.

Money & Influence 02.6.2019

New York Daily News: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rails against 'broken' political finance laws, takes aim at Trump and 'bad guys'

“Now I’m elected, now I’m in, I got the power to draft, lobby and shape the laws that govern the United States of America. Fabulous,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Now, is there any hard limit that I have in terms of what legislation I’m allowed to touch…based on the special interests funds that I accepted?” “There’s no limit,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of the nonpartisan watchdog group Common Cause. Ocasio-Cortzed continued, “I can be totally funded by oil and gas, totally funded by big pharma and come in and write pharma laws?” “That’s right,” Hobert Flynn said. Wrapping up, Ocasio-Cortez then added, “We have a system that is fundamentally broken.”

Voting & Elections 02.4.2019

Dallas Morning News: Third lawsuit filed against Texas 'purge list' investigation into potential noncitizen voters

"Mr. Whitley has no business being involved with elections, much less serving as Texas' chief election officer," Anthony Gutierrez, executive director of Common Cause Texas, said in a written statement. Common Cause is among the groups that have asked Whitley to withdraw his office's Jan. 25 advisory. "This 'voter purge' was poorly thought out, incompetently implemented and definitely seems to have been more about politics than anything else," he said. "At this point, I think purging Mr. Whitley from the secretary of state's office would be the single best thing we could do for voting rights in Texas."

Money & Influence 02.1.2019

Los Angeles Times: Wildfire liability, net neutrality bills help spur record spending on California lobbying in 2018

“Money has too much influence on our political system,” said Rey Lopez-Calderon, the executive director of California Common Cause. “Every year we see the lobbying spending increase is a year we risk disenfranchising more voters and silencing the voices of ordinary citizens.”

USA Today (Op-Ed): Donald Trump jeopardizes national security by ignoring intelligence community

The president's well-documented lies and exaggerations are disturbing and unprecedented, but when he openly ignores and ridicules the findings of the U.S. intelligence community, he puts American lives at risk, diminishes our role in the world, and makes us all less safe.

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