For Immediate Release California Common Cause Will Remain Neutral On Proposition 31

Written by Phillip Ung (916) 520-4070 on October 8, 2012

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October 8, 2012

Phillip Ung (916) 520-4070


SACRAMENTO, CA -- After significant analysis of Proposition 31 by California Common Cause board members and staff, California Common Cause has decided to remain neutral on the ballot measure.

California Common Cause values Proposition 31's goal of making state and local governments more accountable and transparent to voters. However, its specific subject matter is in an area in which the organization has not historically engaged. Furthermore, while there is support some of the measure's provisions, such as the "three-day in print rule," shifting the state to a two-year budget, and evaluating program performance as a part of budget decisions, the organization was less certain of the outcome of others - such as "Pay As You Go" and the Community Strategic Action Plans. As a result, California Common Cause has decided not to seek to influence voters one way or the other on this measure.

California Common Cause has taken a position on two other ballot measures on the 2012 November ballot: an "oppose" position on Proposition 32 and a "support" position for Proposition 40.

Please contact Phillip Ung at (916) 520-4070 or if you have any inquiries or need analysis.

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