California Redistricting Commission

What is the Citizens Redistricting Commission?

14-Person Redistricting Commission (5 Democrats/5 Republicans/4 other).

Politically balanced among Democrats, Republicans, and others (other parties and decline to state).

Reflects our State's ethnic, gender, and demographic diversity.


How is the Commission Chosen?

California registered voters invited to participate.

A pool of 60 (20D, 20R, 20o) is selected based on relevant analytical skills, ability to be impartial, and diversity by a review panel of state auditors (1D/1R/1o randomly selected by the California State Auditor).

The 4 Legislative leaders can each disqualify up to 2 in each category, resulting in a pool of at least 12 Democrats, 12 Republicans and 12 others.

8 Commissioners are named through random drawing of the State Auditor (3D/3R/3o).

The 8 Commissions select the final 6 Commissioners (2D/2R/2o) from the remaining pool in order to complement the balance of skills and diversity.


Want to learn more?

If you would like to be added to an email list to receive more information from the commission, fill out this form [link to:] or call the commission hotline at 866-356-5217. For more information, To learn more about the California Redistricting Commission and the Redistricting California Alliance

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