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Ethics thumbnail for issue bucketsWhy do we support a citizen redistricting commission? When councilmembers draw their own district lines, it's hard to resist manipulating the lines to favor their own reelection, cut out opponents, and cherry-pick voters. Why should we support an independent ethics process? It's unrealistic to expect councilmembers to self-police or police each other when it comes to violations of local ethics laws.  Independent citizen commissions, used in many other cities in California, are a fair and effective way to ensure we have an accountable and transparent government.

With the support of local members, we moved several gigantic steps closer to that reality when Sacramento City Council unanimously approved recommendations to adopt a comprehensive outline for a ethics reform package in fall of 2015. The package includes the creation of an independent ethics commission, an ethics code, a sunshine ordinance and an independent redistricting commission.

These were important recommendations that Common Cause fought for months. Over the course of the next six months, the council will be developing the details and legal language for these reforms, and Common Cause will be working to ensure the reforms are as robust and effective as possible.

Events and Actions

Your input is valuable in shaping these reforms! We just hosted a member meeting on November 12, where we talked about these reforms and next steps -- stay tuned for the next one! 


Find the full recommendations here and learn more about the City Council's decision here.

Read our Sacramento Bee op-ed on the issue.

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Huge news out of Sacramento! Earlier this week, Sacramento City Council unanimously approved recommendations to adopt a comprehensive ethics reform package, which includes the creation of an independent ethics commission and an independent...

Ethics and Redistricting Reform Coming to Sacramento
September 18, 2015

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