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Common Cause has a national office in Washington, D.C. and staffers in 36 states. We welcome your comments on and involvement in our work. Here’s how to reach us.

State or National

Rob Adams

Accounts Payable Manager

Rob Adams is the Accounts Payable Manager for Common Cause.

Claudia Arango

Development Associate

Development Associate

Jennifer Bevin Dangel

Jennifer Bevan-Dangel

Executive Director, Common Cause Maryland

Jennifer Bevan-Dangel is the Executive Director of Common Cause Maryland

Yael Bromberg

Legal Associate

Yael Bromberg is Common Cause’s legal associate.

Isabella Bronstein

Associate Digital Content Producer

Isabella Bronstein is an Associate Digital Content Producer with Common Cause.

Marilyn Carpinteyro

Marilyn Carpinteyro

Regional Director of State Operations

Marilyn Carpinteyro is Common Cause's Regional Director.

allegra chapman

Allegra Chapman

Director of Voting and Elections

Allegra Chapman is Common Cause's Director of Voting and Elections


Raquelle Contreras

Development Associate

Raquelle Contreras is the Development Associate for Common Cause Maryland.

Michael Copps

Special Adviser to the Media and Democracy Reform Initiative

Michael Copps is Common Cause's Special Adviser for our Media and Democracy Reform Initiative.

Katie Fleming Dahl

Katie Dahl

Associate Director, Colorado Common Cause

Katie Fleming Dahl is the Associate Director for Colorado Common Cause.

Dale Eisman

Senior Writer/Editor

Dale Eisman is Common Cause's Senior Writer/Editor

Brooke Erdmann

Major Gifts Officer

Brooke joined Common Cause in March 2009 as the West Coast Development Coordinator based in Los Angeles.

Kathay Feng

Executive Director, California Common Cause & National Redistricting Director

Kathay Feng is Executive Director of California Common Cause and National Redistricting Director.

Gary Ferdman

Major Gifts Officer

Gary Ferdman joined the staff of Common Cause as Director of Major Gifts in 2007, and currently serves as Major Gifts Officer.

Heather Ferguson

Heather Ferguson

Campaign Manager

Heather Ferguson is the Campaign Manager for Common Cause New Mexico

Wendy Fields

Wendy Fields

Vice President for Campaigns and Strategic Partnerships

Wendy Fields is the Vice President for Campaigns and Strategic Partnerships

Jenny Rose Flanagan

Vice President for State Operations

Jenny Rose Flanagan is VP for State Operations

Gavin Geis

Gavin Geis

Executive Director, Common Cause Nebraska

Gavin Geis joined Common Cause in July 2013 as Nebraska executive director.

Brian Gladstein

Brian Gladstein

Executive Director

Brian Gladstein is Executive Director of Common Cause Illinois.

Susannah Goodman

Director for Corporate Accountability

Susannah Goodman directs Common Cause's national campaign for election reform

Helen Grieco

Northern California Organizer, California Common Cause

Helen Grieco joined California Common Cause as an organizer in northern California in 2010.

Vernell Grissom

Manager, Membership Services

Vernell Grissom is manager of membership services and has been part of the Common Cause staff since 1978.

Viki Harrison

Viki Harrison

Executive Director, Common Cause New Mexico

Viki E. Harrison is Common Cause's New Mexico Executive Director.

Jay Heck

Jay Heck

Executive Director, Common Cause in Wisconsin

Jay Heck has served as executive director of Common Cause in Wisconsin since 1995.


Nicolas Heidorn

Policy and Legislation Counsel

Nicolas Heidorn is California Common Cause's Policy and Legislation Counsel, based in the Sacramento office.


Karen Hobert Flynn

Senior Vice President for Strategy & Programs

Karen Hobert Flynn was named Senior Vice President for Strategy and Programs in September 2012.

Damon Hribal

Network Administrator

Damon V. Hribal is the network administrator for Common Cause, handling computer maintenance, system support and managing the network in the national headquarters

Kim Hynes

Kim Hynes

Senior Organizer, Common Cause in Connecticut

Kim Hynes is Common Cause in Connecticut's senior organizer.

Eric Kashdan

Eric Kashdan

Assistant Director, Common Cause Massachusetts

Eric Kashdan is Assistant Director at Common Cause Massachusetts.


Prudence Katze

Research and Policy Manager

Prudence is the Research and Policy Manage at Common Cause New York.

Barry Kauffman

Barry Kauffman

Executive Director, Common Cause Pennsylvania

Barry Kauffman is executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania.

Jim Kulstad

Jim Kulstad

Lobbyist, Common Cause Georgia

Jim Kulstad is the staff lobbyist for Common Cause Georgia.


Brent Laurenz

Director of Outreach and Special Projects, Common Cause North Carolina

Brent Laurenz is the Director of Outreach and Special Projects for Common Cause North Carolina.

CCNY Susan Lerner

Susan Lerner

Executive Director, Common Cause New York

Susan Lerner is the executive director of Common Cause New York.


Daniel Lewkow

Political Director

Daniel Lewkow, as the Political Director for Common Cause Oregon.

Carmille Lim

Carmille Lim

Executive Director, Common Cause Hawaii

Carmille Lim is Common Cause Hawaii's executive director


Jesse Littlewood

Director, Digital

Jesse Littlewood is Common Cause’s Director of Digital.

Rey López-Calderón

Director of Organizational Development

Rey López-Calderón is the Director of Organizational Development.

Bette Marchant

Senior Vice President for Operations and Chief Financial Officer

Bette Marchant is Common Cause's senior vice president for operations, as well as the organization's chief financial officer (CFO).

John Marion

John Marion

Executive Director, Common Cause Rhode Island

John Marion is executive director of Common Cause Rhode Island.

Angelic Martinez

Administration and Communications Associate

Angelic Martinez is the new Administration and Communications Associate for Common Cause New York.


Melanie McElroy

Executive Director, Common Cause Michigan

Melanie McElroy is the executive director of Common Cause Michigan.

Christy McGillivray

Christy McGillivray

Political Reform Organizer

Christy McGillivray has been working and volunteering in non-profit, non-partisan political advocacy since the 2000 election.

Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller

Director of Information Services and Outreach, Common Cause Wisconsin

Sandra Miller is Common Cause Wisconsin's director of information services and outreach.

Jack Mumby

Digital Campaign Organizer

Jack Mumby is Digital Campaign Organizer for Common Cause

CCNY Josh Mumm

Josh Mumm

Volunteer and Outreach Manager, Common Cause New York

Josh is the Volunteer and Outreach Manager for Common Cause New York.

Elena Nunez

Elena Nunez

Executive Director, Colorado Common Cause

Elena Nunez is the Executive Director of Colorado Common Cause.

Todd O'Boyle

Director for Media and Democracy

Todd O'Boyle is Common Cause's Program Director for Media and Democracy

Leila Pedersen

State Program Manager, California Common Cause

Leila joined California Common Cause in 2013 as the State Program Manager based in Los Angeles.

Bob Phillips

Bob Phillips

Executive Director, Common Cause North Carolina

Bob Phillips has served as executive director of Common Cause North Carolina since 2001.


Vimala Phongsavanh

Assistant Director for Organization and Development

Vimala Phongsavanh serves as the Assistant Director for Organization and Development at Common Cause Rhode

Jane Pinsky

Jane Pinsky

Director of the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform

Jane Pinsky has been director of the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform since 2007

Hinnaneh Qazi

Operations Manager, California Common Cause

Hinnaneh Qazi is California Common Cause's Operations Manager and is based in the Los Angeles office.

Cheri Quickmire

Cheri Quickmire

Executive Director, Common Cause in Connecticut

Cheri Quickmire is executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut.

Trina Ramsey

Director of Major Gifts

Trina Ramsey is Common Cause's director of major gifts.

Jay Riestenberg, Research Analyst

Jay Riestenberg

Research Analyst

Jay is Common Cause’s research analyst.

Aaron Scherb

Director of Legislative Affairs

Aaron Scherb joined Common Cause in May 2013 as the Director of Legislative Affairs to help craft and gain support for various good-governance proposals.

Susan Schreiber

Associate Vice President of Foundation Relations

Susan Schreiber is Associate Vice President of Foundation Grants.

Jeremy Schroeder

Executive Director, Common Cause Minnesota

Jeremy Schroeder is the executive director of Common Cause Minnesota.

Stephen Spaulding

Senior Policy Counsel and Legal Director

Stephen Spaulding is Senior Policy Counsel and Legal Director for Common Cause.

Ryan Splitlog

Ryan Splitlog

Assistant Director, Common Cause Georgia

Ryan Splitlog is the Assistant Director of Common Cause Georgia.

Elizabeth Steele

Elizabeth Steele

Just Vote Manager, Colorado Common Cause

Elizabeth Steele is the Just Vote Manager for Colorado Common Cause.

Scott Swenson

Vice President for Communications

Scott Blaine Swenson is Vice President for Communications at Common Cause.

Corie Tanida

Corie Tanida

Project Coordinator, Common Cause Hawaii

Corie Tanida is the project coordinator for Common Cause Hawaii.

Kate Titus 2

Kate Titus

Executive Director, Common Cause Oregon

Kate Titus is the Executive Director of Common Cause Oregon.

Marissa Valeri

Digital Strategies Manager

Marissa Valeri is Common Cause's Digital Strategies Manager.

Julia Vaughn

Policy Director, Common Cause Indiana

Julia Vaughn is the Policy Director for Common Cause Indiana.

Cecilia Ventura

Cecilia Ventura

Executive Office Manager

Cecilia Ventura is the Office Manager at Common Cause.

Dan Vicuna

Dan Vicuña

National Redistricting Coordinator

Dan Vicuña is National Redistricting Coordinator for Common Cause.

Dennis Wallick

Director of Database Systems

Dennis Wallick is the Database Administrator for Common Cause.

Karen Watson

Senior Accountant

Karen Watson is the Senior Accountant and is responsible for processing payroll, invoices and other accounting duties.

Pam Wilmot

Executive Director, Common Cause Massachusetts

Pam Wilmot is executive director of Common Cause Massachusetts.

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