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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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The Hill: Voting bill seeks to crack down on gerrymandering

Kathay Feng, director of redistricting and representation with Common Cause, said the bar on partisan redistricting will nix a frequent excuse for maps that otherwise negatively affect minority voters. “It will eliminate the most extreme partisan gerrymanders, and it will send a clear signal to those that are drawing the lines that they can no longer use that as their escape valve for all the manipulation they’re doing,” she said. 

Insider: Democrats' 'bold' new attempt at bipartisan voting rights reform is failing to win over Manchin's GOP allies

"It's a very bold bill," Steve Spaulding, senior counsel for Public Policy & Government Affairs at Common Cause, told Insider. "It is still a sweeping, bold bill with many of the main pillars of the For The People Act in it."  "I think there is room for common ground, but at the end of the day, given that we're talking about the fundamental freedom to vote, we need to give Senator Manchin room to bring along the Republicans that will see the wisdom of supporting this revised bill," Spaulding said. "But at the end of the day, if that doesn't happen, we do think it's incumbent upon the majority to find a path forward to get this bill to the president's desk." 

Voting & Elections 09.20.2021

New York Times: Glitch Reveals Ballot Choices of N.Y.C. Voters, Including Mayor’s Son

“This is a minimal problem,” said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause/New York. “This is a very very small fraction of the total number of voters. And they’re absolutely right, it’s easy to solve this problem.”

Money & Influence 09.19.2021

Rolling Stone: The Secret Money Trail Behind Kevin McCarthy's MAGA Makeover

"The real problem here is unfortunately we don't have a good watchdog agency to ­enforce against these bad actors," says Beth Rotman of the clean-government group Common Cause. "Unfortunately, what that means is when groups like this look to see whether they can get away with crossing the line like this, often the answer is yes."

Cincinnati Enquirer/Gannett: The threat of a 4-year map was supposed to inspire Ohio redistricting compromise. It didn't

"Clearly it wasn’t as big of a deterrent as it needed to be to urge the mapmakers to get back to work and figure it out," said Catherine Turcer, executive director of Common Cause Ohio, one group that pushed for redistricting reform.

Money & Influence 09.16.2021

Daily Beast: Spike in GOP Small-Dollar Donations Draws Federal Scrutiny

Paul S. Ryan, vice president of policy and litigation at Common Cause, told The Daily Beast that despite the lack of transparency, he welcomed the influx of unitemized contributions. “I am a watchdog of money in politics, but my take on this may not be what one might assume,” Ryan said. He believes that in general, the growth of small-dollar donors is “a really good thing for democracy” and is “in some ways the antidote to the special interest donor.”

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