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USA Today (Op-Ed): The president is not above the law

"People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook." President Richard Nixon famously said this line during the Watergate scandal in 1973, and Americans deserve to know what President Donald Trump is trying to hide by continually refusing to release his tax returns.

Money & Influence 04.1.2019

ABA Journal: Catch and Kill: Can tabloids hide behind the First Amendment?

One Sunday morning in February of last year, Paul S. Ryan, an attorney at Common Cause, a grassroots organization that works to uphold democratic principles, got up early, as he regularly does, and read through the latest news. When he came to a story in the New York Times he had been following, he drank some coffee, ate breakfast with his wife and young son, and went to work.Ryan, who is Common Cause’s vice president of policy and litigation, does not regularly work on weekends. But the Times story had new details in an evolving scandal in which the company that owns the National Enquirer had paid $150,000 to former Playboy model Karen McDougal to buy the rights to a story about her affair with Donald Trump before he became president.

Voting & Elections 03.27.2019


David Vance, the National Media Strategist at government watchdog organization Common Cause, told Newsweek that the Husted decision had enabled state legislatures to use purges of rolls to suppress voters. "In greenlighting Ohio’s voter roll purges, the Husted ruling has inspired a variety of methods to remove voters from the polls for partisan gain," he said. "The Arizona bill is just the latest example of voter suppression tactics stemming from the Husted decision. It appears to be nothing more than another attempt by politicians to dictate who will vote and who won’t for their own advantage. We should be looking for ways to get more Americans to vote, not making it more difficult for those that do vote to cast their ballots."

New York Times: Justices Display Divisions in New Cases on Voting Maps Warped by Politics

Like Justice Kavanaugh, Justice Gorsuch cited recent ballot initiatives creating nonpartisan redistricting commissions as a reason for the Supreme Court to hold its fire. A lawyer for one set of challengers in the North Carolina case, Emmet J. Bondurant II, said such initiatives were not a complete answer. “The vast majority of states east of the Mississippi, including specifically North Carolina,” he said, “do not have citizen initiatives.”

USA Today: Gerrymandering: Voting rights and redistricting for elections collide at Supreme Court

“Our hope is that there is a concern about basic fairness," says Dan Vicuña, national redistricting manager at Common Cause, which is challenging the North Carolina map. "Either side of the political aisle can be the victim of this.”

NPR: 55 Years Later, Lawyer Will Again Argue Over Redistricting Before Supreme Court

55 years later, Common Cause Lawyer Emmet Bondurant is set to argue before the Supreme Court again. This time he's asking the court to block partisan redistricting in North Carolina. Although the state is closely politically divided, the legislature ensured that Republicans would dominate the congressional delegation. Bondurant has no plans to retire, or quit trying to improve democracy in the country through the courts. "I'd rather spend my time doing that than playing golf, in part because I play golf so badly that the opportunity not to play is itself a positive," Bondurant said. "But, this is really important stuff, and it's very fundamental."

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