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Washington Post: GOP strategist and census official discussed citizenship question, new documents filed by lawyers suggest

Kathay Feng, national redistricting director for Common Cause, said the Jones-Hofeller emails cast further doubt on the government’s claims.“Why would she use her personal email? Why would she email a partisan operative about a topic that was not under consideration at the Census Bureau?” Feng said. “The new documents eliminate any doubt about the link between the Republican gerrymandering mastermind and the citizenship question.”

NPR: Redistricting Guru's Hard Drives Could Mean Legal, Political Woes For GOP

Kathay Feng, the national redistricting director for Common Cause, wouldn't discuss what else is in the files because of ongoing litigation, but she spoke generally about the dangers of politicians drawing district lines that favor their own party."This is an American democracy, and we don't want a situation where, perhaps the best analogy is like Russia, where you have fake choices on the ballot," Feng said. "Where there is no such thing as true democracy, where your vote doesn't matter."


Associated Press: Lawyers: Redistricting Expert Files Show Judges Were Misled

"We're learning what we've long suspected — North Carolina's legislative districts were drawn behind closed doors by an expert gerrymanderer, months earlier than lawmakers claimed," Common Cause North Carolina Executive Director Bob Phillips said in a release.

New York Times: Deceased Strategist’s Files Detail Republican Gerrymandering in North Carolina, Advocates Say

The advocacy group Common Cause said in court documents submitted in Raleigh on Thursday that the Hofeller files include new evidence showing how North Carolina Republicans misled a federal court to prolong the life of their map of state legislative districts, which had been ruled unconstitutional.The Republicans told the federal court hearing the map case that they would not be able to draw new legislative districts and hold public hearings on them in time for a proposed special election in late 2017 or early 2018. In fact, Common Cause said, Mr. Hofeller’s files show that almost all the work was already done: proposed new boundaries had been drawn for more than 97 percent of the state’s proposed Senate districts and 90 percent of House districts.

Voting & Elections 06.1.2019

Associated Press: Partisan control determines how states act on voting rights

“Early voting is going to make a significant difference for countless numbers of New Yorkers by making polling places so much more accessible and allow voters to determine when it is most convenient for them,” said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause New York.

Associated Press: GOP redistricting expert linked to census question, say lawyers

On Thursday, Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn said in a release that documents revealed “that the plan to add the citizenship question was hatched by the Republicans’ chief redistricting mastermind to create an electoral advantage for Republicans and non-Hispanic whites.” She said the documents contradict testimony by administration officials that they sought to add the question to benefit Latino voters.

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