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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Politico: Inside Mike Johnson’s Ties to a Far-Right Movement to Gut the Constitution

Watchdog groups like the American Constitution Society and Common Cause are sounding the alarm over the real danger of such a convention. “The worst case scenario is that [an Article V convention] puts all of our cherished constitutional rights and civil rights completely up for grabs,” Stephen Spaulding, vice president of Common Cause, testified at Johnson’s subcommittee hearing last month.

Voting & Elections 11.10.2023

PolitiFact: Dispelling a common myth about fentanyl as election workers get letters with traces of the substance

"Election officials are just doing their job — they are not putting their thumb on the scale, they are not in charge of what the results are," said Suzanne Almeida, state operations director at Common Cause, a group advocating for accessible voting. "They are incredibly dedicated public servants, especially in the face of these threats."

Voting & Elections 11.8.2023

Washington Post: Noncitizen voting campaigns elicit different results in liberal Md. suburbs

“We view municipalities as these laboratories of democracy. They’re able to implement a lot of the reforms that we’re working on at a state level,” said Joanne Antoine, executive director of grass-roots voter-advocacy group Common Cause Maryland. “The more that municipalities pass these reforms, show that young people are capable of voting, the more we can push them elsewhere. … My hope is that we’ll come back to these things again,” she said.

Voting & Elections 11.8.2023

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: New Texas law puts Tarrant County Republican primary in ‘jeopardy,’ GOP leader says

Katya Ehresman, the voting rights program manager for Common Cause Texas, stressed that more voting isn’t a problem. Having more polling places in counties that are growing should always be a goal, she said. The real issue that should be addressed is the chronic underfunding of election system, she said. “The biggest issue is election administration and making sure that we can do that well funded and equitably, and that’s not something that Senate Bill 924 created an issue with,” Ehresman said. “That’s something that the state legislature has continued to avoid addressing.”

Voting & Elections 11.7.2023

Cleveland.com/The Plain Dealer:‘Dozens’ of Ohio State University students say they never got their mail ballots, voting advocates say

Voting-rights advocates said Tuesday that they’ve heard from students, including “dozens” at Ohio State University, who have said they never got the mail ballot they requested for today’s election. Mia Lewis, associate director of Common Cause Ohio, said they’ve encountered these students as they’ve showed up at polling places this morning on OSU’s campus to try to vote. Lewis said that other than in college towns, state data doesn’t show an unusually high number of outstanding absentee ballots overall. Voting-rights advocates weren’t certain about the reason for the ballot problems for students, but thought it could have something to do with university mail systems that serve as a “middle man” between students and the post office.

Voting & Elections 11.6.2023

WUNC (NPR): Here's what you need to know about the new voter ID law

Though many North Carolinians may have already experienced their first brush with the state's new voter ID laws during this year's municipal election cycle, there are still some questions residents may have about the new requirements. Host Jeff Tiberii sat down with Tyler Daye, policy and civic engagement manager for Common Cause North Carolina to discuss a host of issues, including which IDs are valid, whether or not an expired driver's license can be used at the polls and how to obtain a valid ID for free.

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