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Money & Influence 02.23.2016

“Muckracking Monday” – Senator Michael Ranzenhofer and the LLC Loophole

Glenwood Management is now a household name for its role as “Developer-1” in both of the recent corruption indictments to roil Albany. But, why would a New York City real estate development company, with properties concentrated mostly on the island of Manhattan, be interested in financially contributing to an upstate senator?

Ethics 12.17.2015

Common Cause/NY Releases Major Review of Outside Income for NYS Lawmakers

Analysis based on 2015 JCOPE filings for all 213 legislators

Money & Influence 10.16.2015

Secret Political Spending Through 501c3 Organizations

One of Common Cause New York's "Solutions for Strengthening JCOPE," Changes to Source of Funding Disclosure

Ethics 06.4.2015

It's Time to End NY Corruption

Common Cause NY has traveled across the state with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to promote the End New York Corruption Act. The bill includes various reforms that

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