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Common Cause New York opposes reduction in mass mailing blackout period


Common Cause New York strongly opposes Int 34-2018 as it will only serve to favor incumbents during an election cycle. There is simply no need for an elected official to send an official mass mailing 30 days before an election instead of the 90 as prescribed by current law.

Money & Influence 09.9.2021

Good Government Groups File a Campaign Finance Complaint Against Former Governor Cuomo

The use of campaign funds by former Governor Cuomo deserve immediate investigation for potential misuse.

Common Cause New York Testimony submitted for Senate Ethics Hearing on August 25th, 2021


The events of the last few weeks have not only produced a new Governor but forcefully shown the wholesale failure of ethics oversight in the Executive branch.

Voting & Elections 08.24.2021

Written Testimony for the NYC Racial Justice Commission

New York City’s uneven and low levels of civic and political engagement are the direct result of centuries of explicit and implicit exclusionary racist policies promulgated and executed by city and state government. It seems that every few years, New York City is reminded of our failures to meaningfully redress the generational damage. Nowhere is it more visible in our civic life than the low turnout in our state and local elections.


Common Cause NY Statement Regarding Holding Andrew Cuomo Accountable

Earlier this week, Andrew Cuomo announced his intent to resign in two weeks after an investigation by the State Attorney General James brought his rampant sexual misconduct to light. Given the severity of the findings, Common Cause NY urges the Assembly to proceed with impeachment regardless of Andrew Cuomo’s intention to step down and calls on Andrew Cuomo to resign immediately, not in two weeks.

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