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Common Cause/NY Encourages New Yorkers to Get out the Early Vote!

"Early voting is a game changer for New Yorkers: they no longer have to choose between work or voting – it's a win win. We are encouraging all voters in these 2 districts to cast their ballots, whether it's early in person, by mail, absentee, or on Election Day. All methods are safe and secure, and we encourage everyone to get out that vote!" said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.


NY Voting and Civil Rights Groups Call for Transparent Redistricting Process

"The so-called independent redistricting commission must open up their meetings and allow for public input. This work can not be done in the dark. The only way to prevent future court battles - and politically appointed commissioners - from deciding our representatives is for the Legislature to adopt a permanent fix to redistricting that centers people over politicians. That means lawmakers must prioritize passing a constitutional amendment that creates a truly independent, citizen-led redistricting commission that puts the power in the hands of New Yorkers – not elected officials," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause New York.


Common Cause/NY on Gov Hochul’s State of the State

"Common Cause/NY is pleased to see the state rededicating itself to the twin values of public service and civic life: both of which are core to reversing the serious attacks on democracy our country has suffered. But this is just a start. As we head into the 2024 election cycle, state lawmakers and the governor must take seriously the impending threats to our democracy. They must strengthen New York's election administration and protect voters in this year's budget."


Common Cause/NY Announces 2024 Albany Legislative Priorities

"Common Cause/NY is a grassroots organization of more than 65,000 members fighting statewide to make New York's democracy work better for all. For years, we have worked alongside our allies in the New York State Legislature to enact pro-voter legislation including early voting, vote by mail, and automatic voter registration. This year is no different. We're confident the legislature will get right to work prioritizing laws that promote greater transparency, protect the integrity of our elections, expand voting rights, and modernize our dated campaign finance laws ahead of the 2024 election," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.


Common Cause/NY on Hochul’s Veto of Bad Campaign Finance Bill

"While some aspects of the bill that tweaked the state's public campaign financing system were acceptable, on balance, the bill did more harm than good. We've already seen candidates enroll in the new system across the state because they are eager to participate a democratic system that puts the interests of the people over big, wealthy donors. We commend Governor Hochul for vetoing this bill and know she'll continue to be a strong advocate for public financing of elections in next year's budget. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature to ensure the system is as strong and practical as it can be."


Good Govt Groups Call For Transparent Redistricting Process as Commission Weighs New Congressional Map

"The lack of public trust in New York's redistricting process is pronounced and voters are weary of ever changing district lines and the attendant uncertainty it brings right before a consequential election cycle. We urge the Commission to make every attempt at collaboration, meaningful public input, openness and transparency before submitting any new congressional map plan to the Legislature."

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