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Money & Influence 01.1.2009

Connecting the Dots: The Oil and Gas Industry’s Influence on New Mexico Politics

This report from Common Cause New Mexico looks at the oil and gas lobby's influence.

Money & Influence 02.1.2007

Developing Real Influence: The Real Estate Industry and the New Mexico Legislature

Common Cause New Mexico's report detailing how the real estate business impacts state government.

Money & Influence 01.1.2007

The Role of the Health Care Industry in New Mexico State Politics

This report from Common Cause New Mexico examines the connections between healthcare and our politics.

Voting & Elections 01.1.2006

Out of Control: The Rise of Campaign Spending in Albuquerque Mayoral Races

This Common Cause New Mexico report looks at big money in the Albuquerque mayor election.

Money & Influence 01.1.2004

Under the Influence: Campaign Contributions, the Excise Tax, and the Alcohol Industry in New Mexico

This report examines the impact on New Mexico of campaign contributions by the alcohol lobby.

Money & Influence 06.1.2003

The Campaign Contributors and Lobbying Expenditures of Tobacco Industry

Common Cause New Mexico's analysis of the tobacco lobby's money and influence in New Mexico.

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