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Money & Influence 01.16.2019

2019 Polling Results

Public support for democracy reforms is growing, with more New Mexicans in favor of campaign finance disclosure, lobbyist regulations and providing a salary to legislators.

Money & Influence 03.24.2018

2018 Polling Results

Common Cause New Mexico finds support for a paid state legislature and a longer legislative session.

Money & Influence 10.1.2013

Lobbying In The Land Of Enchantment

Common Cause New Mexico's report on the influence of lobbyists in our state government.

Money & Influence 01.1.2013

New Mexico PACs: Growth, Influence, and Shifting Interests

Common Cause New Mexico's report examining powerful PACs and their role in our state government.

Money & Influence 01.1.2013

Common Cause New Mexico Excerpt, The Revolving Door and Blood Ties

How the Revolving Door impacts our state government, favoring well-connected former legislators.

Money & Influence 05.1.2012

Connecting the Dots: The Role of Campaign Contributions in New Mexico Health Policy

Common Cause New Mexico looks at how campaign contributions shape our health policies.

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