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Voting & Elections 01.30.2023

Common Cause Supports Polling Place Safety Measures

Poll workers and election administrators are owed the same protections as the public against threats of violence; firearms have no place at the polls.

Common Cause New Mexico Outlines Good Government Priorities for 2023 Session

Modernizing the legislative process, with more staff, longer sessions and compensation for legislators is the top priority for Common Cause in the upcoming 60-day NM Legislative session.

Money & Influence 01.5.2023

UNM Study of Legislative Process Ranks NM Near Bottom in Professionalism

A new study by the University of New Mexico suggests longer legislative sessions, salaries and more staff

Voting & Elections 11.8.2022

Common Cause New Mexico Reminds Voters “Election Night is not Results Night”

New Mexico voters have until 7 p.m. tonight to cast a ballot in person or to hand return their absentee ballot to a polling location or county clerk's office for the 2022 midterm election. As voters head to the polls, Common Cause New Mexico is reminding voters that it may take days for election officials to finalize results.

Voting & Elections 09.23.2022

Common Cause NM Seeking a Few Good Citizens to Defend Democracy

Common Cause, Statewide Coalition Recruiting Volunteers for Non-partisan Election Monitoring Program

Voting & Elections 06.15.2022

Common Cause Denounces Otero County Commission’s Irresponsible Move to Not Certify Primary Election Results

One thing all New Mexicans agree on is everyone across our great state deserves a fair and secure election. But in Otero County that right is under threat due to a partisan attempt to sow doubt with voters about the integrity of our voting system—including its dedicated election administrators and machines that have been repeatedly tested and independently certified.

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