URGENT: We need public financing supporters to fill the room at tomorrow’s hearing!

URGENT: We need public financing supporters to fill the room at tomorrow's hearing!

Common Cause New Mexico will be supporting the Secretary of State at a hearing tomorrow, urging lawmakers not to misappropriate public financing funding.

We’re off and running at the Roundhouse for the 2018 Legislative Session, and tomorrow is a big day for fighting the influence of big money in politics. Join us to protect public campaign financing funds!

We must stop a budget proposal in the House Appropriations and Finance Committee that could take 78 percent of the money earmarked for Public Campaign Finance to once again fund the Secretary of State’s official operating budget. Since the disastrous decision in Citizens United vs. FEC, big money has been flooding into our campaigns and corrupting our democracy. 

For years, the Secretary of State’s office has been grossly underfunded, and legislators nearly each session move money from the state’s Public Election Fund to pay for elections and the general operating budget. This fund is intended to provide money to qualifying candidates for the PRC and statewide judicial races, and all of the funding MUST be restored this year given the number of races in 2018. 

Stand with SOS Maggie Toulouse Oliver to Defend Public Campaign Finance at the House Appropriations and Finance Committee Hearing. With a $300M surplus in revenues last year, the SOS will be making the case for a budget that fully funds Public Campaign finance, and restores our institutional reserves that have been badly drained over the last three years of declining oil and gas revenues. 

DATE: TOMORROW! Wednesday, January 17

TIME: 1:30pm – 3:30pm (estimated), arrive early (1:00pm) to occupy available seating.

WHERE: Santa Fe Roundhouse, Room 307

Other Details: The room seats 200 people. Please volunteer your time to be present and recruit others to be there. The afternoon session begins at 1:30pm, and the Secretary of State is fifth on the agenda so it may be an hour or more before she is heard.

Thank you for supporting good government in New Mexico.  And stay tuned for nightly blog updates from Santa Fe throughout the 30-day session!