NMGPA – Grading New Mexico’s Legislators

NMGPA – Grading New Mexico's Legislators

Common Cause New Mexico releases our first-ever NMGPA report card to assess state legislators' performance

Every legislative session, New Mexico legislators have a chance to advance the cause of good governance by voting on legislation that focuses on issues like money in politics, transparency, ethics and voter access.

Common Cause New Mexico tracks each and every action taken by legislators on these good and bad governance bills.

The NMGPA gives New Mexico’s citizens the ability to see how their legislators voted on these issues and quantifies each legislator’s votes as their “GPA” for each session, and over time, their lifetime GPA.


At Common Cause, we believe that New Mexicans deserve open, honest, accountable government … and we work every day to deliver just that.

  • Legislation that reforms and increases current reporting requirements for PACs, candidates, and independent spenders (i.e. amendments to the Campaign Finance Reporting Act)
  • Updates to lobbyist activity and reporting (changes in lobbyist reporting requirements and revolving door restrictions)
  • Increasing access to this information for the public (additional transparency measures)


For our inaugural year, we scored five bills from our 2017 Priority Bill list that support our four Pillars of Democracy:

  • SB 96, Sen. Peter Wirth, Rep. Jim Smith: Campaign Finance Disclosure
  • SB 393, Sens. Jeff Steinborn, Daniel Ivey-Soto, Jacob Candelaria, Rep. Jim Smith: Lobbyist Reporting Requirements
  • HJR 3, Sen. Bill O’Neill, Rep. Carl Trujillo: Constitutional Amendment to Create an Independent Redistricting Commission
  • HJR 8, Reps. Jim Dines, Bill McCamley, Nathan Small, Daymon Ely, Sen. Jeff Steinborn: Constitutional Amendment to Create an Independent Ethics Commission
  • HB 28, Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero: Driver’s License Automatic Voter Registration


Find out if your state legislators made the grade by checking out our 2017 Report Card.  

Want to know more, including how legislators were graded and see the full votes spreadsheet – visit the NMGPA website at www.nmgpa.org.